Vincent Tagliabue
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Vincent Tagliabue

Vincent Tagliabue defines his works as series of "accidents". Being both an abstract and expressionist painter, Vincent Tagliabue presents his powerful paintings expressing his feelings and moods, his anxiety, anger and happiness. All the works are outstanding oil paintings on wood (except the two largest Benoit XVI and Tranche de Vie on canvas).

Vincent Tagliabue is an established artist whose works have been collected by many collectors especially in Switzerland where he now works and resides.

A sure value.

Vincent Tagliabue

Expositions (extrait)

2016  Auberge du Lion d'Or, Genève
2013  Cité  Bleue - Teatro Malandro Genève
2013  Carouge FMR, Genève
2013  Calamart, Genève
2012  Montreux Art Gallery
2011  Galerie Krisal, Genève
2010  Biennale Marcigny, France
2009  Label Contemporary, Genève
2007  Inauguration des locaux CTI, Genève
2006  Galerie N'Daje, Morges
2006  Villa Saugy, Genthod
2005  Galerie Krisal, Genève
2005  Atelier portes ouvertes, Genève
2003  Baraka, Genève
2002  Galerie Post-Scriptum, Fribourg
2001  Galerie Krisal, Genève
2001  Galerie d’Arfi - salon de printemps, St-Sulpice
2000  Espace ruine, Genève
1996-97-99-2000 Galerie Voutaz, Genève, expo collective
1997  Atelier de graphiste de Perrot, Genève
1995  Atelier 5, Genève

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