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Passionate photographer since childhood, so it was, that as far as time, I felt the need to talk about the world around me through my photos. Life speaks to me and I photograph what speaks to me, photography is not for me an activity but a way of thinking and commitment. Sensitive to situations or objects, I try to return the picture synthesizing. Yes Digital slowly replacing the silver, but the colors fascinate me as much as the graphics of black and white. Any form of expression is essential for me, as much theater as writing, but mostly I practice photography as a true love story. The camera is my life partner, my thread.

- International exhibition of photography - Mediterraneo - Aragonese
- Ensemble(s)maison des Ensembles Paris
- Go for Lomo - Atelier Lomographie - Galerie Daguerre Paris

- De la Virtualité à la Réalité Mairie de Hauville
- Médiathèque Cochin Port Royal
- 8eme Salon International Daguerre Paris
- 3eme Salon Photographiques Rouxmesnil
- Auberge des Idées Villejuif
- Les Champions du Club - Galerie Daguerre Paris

- Médiathèque cochin Port Royal
- Les Echapées ... belles Paris

- Auberge des Idées - témoignage Résistance Mémoire

- Poesie Intérieure - Villejuif

- Chapelle Saint Sauveur Issy les Moulineaux

- L'Amour et la Tendresse - Villejuif