Alain Boemare
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"…observing the world and recording some of its fragments, collecting traces of emotions, joys and pains."

A graduate of Fine Arts in Rouen (France), geographer, graphic designer, illustrator and theatre stage designer. Geography has renewed his way of looking at the landscape.

Alain Boemare

I have lived and worked mostly in the countryside, at times close to the sea, at other times at the foot of mountains, and I like painting nature, landscapes and rural scenes.

The choice of a subject depends on the emotions it evokes and its graphic interest. Ideas can come from different sources : direct observation, photographs, archive documents, etc.

Airplanes are in a class of their own. I first used them as tools for observation in my work as a geographer. I was captivated by the opportunity it gave me to see the world in a different way, the unique sense of space one gets when flying a plane.

Alain Boemare

Most of the time I do quick sketches of the subject, then I develop the drawing in pencil, in charcoal, in watercolour or in gouache. Once the overall result seems clear enough to me, I begin to paint on canvas. But sometimes I prepare the composition on computer or, on the contrary, especially for small-sized paintings, I paint whitout preparation, in a single session, alla prima.