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Florent Touchot is a French pop artist who currently lives in Marseille (south east of France). He has been selected to decorate some part of a famous Hotel in Saint Germain des Près, Paris.

Both painter and photographer, Touchot creates a great layering and very deep artworks. He has several favourite subjects such as the street and urban culture, portraits of famous icons (Yves Saint Laurent, Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood, Audrey Hepburn...) and a pop/rock selection. His work had been shown in Asia (Singapore), Canada (Toronto), Europe Art galleries in London and Paris.

Florent Touchot - Galerie de Francony

Using a mixed technique of collage and acrylic, Florent Touchot salvages bits of old posters, found either in the streets of Paris or Marseille, the Parisian metro or local flea markets. Beginning with a concept and an emotion, he expresses a dynamic and colorful universe inspired by popular and street culture. Florent transforms these posters, creating a structured and coherent whole with harmony of form and color.

In each of his canvases, he remind us of a familiar images of figures - childhood heroes, old advertisments, and images from the past like the Mac Apple logo, or the underground sign... His work is very deep as painted perspex is bloted into the canvas to create another layer and complete the story.


Les photographies sont réalisées et travaillées par Florent Touchot.
Elles sont ensuite passées en n&b, la partie blanche de la photographie est ensuite retirée pour être transparente. Le noir restant, la photographie est alors tirée sur une plaque de plexiglas de 5 à 8 mm d’épaisseur selon les formats.

La photographie est ensuite superposée sur un châssis que Florent a auparavant recouvert de collages et de peintures acryliques.

Pour faire collaborer les collages et la photographie, les deux sont fixés l’un à l’autre par des entretoises en aluminium brossé.

Se projette ainsi sur les collages, l’ombre de la photographie.

Florent Touchot - Galerie de Francony
Galerie de Francony France
Galerie du Dragon Suzhou Chine
Galerie Envie d’Art Londres
Galerie Gabel Biot France

Since 2010, public sales at Drouot / the Young Contemporary Artists



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