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It's 7:43, it's Tuesday. Imagine someone calling you on your cell phone. The man speaks English with a strong Flemish accent. He is the manager of a large transport network based in the port of Antwerp. he wants to make an appointment for a delivery tomorrow, his tone is abrupt, he's in a hurry. You don't understand anything. You come down from home and a thick envelope is stuck in your mailbox. These are several envelopes taped together, you put them on the passenger seat and wait until you get to the office to open them. All the mails are spread over 2 months: an American genealogist, various notaries' offices, numerous customs clearance documents, carriers whose last one you recognize based in Antwerp. You call him back and confirm the delivery at 6:30 am at home from :

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It was on you that it fell, like playing the lottery without even trying its luck: somewhere in the world, a storage room that had to be emptied, a storage room in a building devoted to destruction and a philanthropic society that found you, the legatee of this distant relative or friend of the previous generations that you had not necessarily heard about.

Container is 9 characters who crossed the XXth century and whose life can be seen through the objects they were able to preserve. They are characters first appear in portraits, then a bio appears and an archival film of about 4 minutes takes us back to what their life was like. Their furniture, objects and belongings have been forgotten after their disappearance until they fall into your hands, like the treasure Nazi or the portrait of the Titanic.