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Matter & Color

Michel Brouand paints and draws since his younger days. Landscapes and portraits in a figurative and classical style, first of all in oil. Then at the beginning of the 90s, his artistic practice evolves and undergoes a radical mutation with the passage to acrylic paint, his art gradually turns towards a painting made of large layers of color, abandoning more and more the pure figuration in favor of a form of Abstraction which lets appear a whole pictorial corpus made of recurrent signs, figures and writings.

His painting is nourished by his past experiences and encounters: painters, poets, readings and travels,... Michel Brouand offers us here a serene and deeply human work. It's a personal painting, alive, instinctive, full of poetry, colours and light.

"I love it when something happens on the canvas, I love being able to follow an impulse."

Group show
Réalités Nouvelles, MAC 2000, Puls'Art, Foire de Hong-Kong, BCI Boston USA…

Solo show
Galerie Charvet - St Martin de Ré, Galerie J. Lévy - Paris, Galerie E. Morin-Pitel - Paris, Galerie Spolnik - La Varenne Ste Hilaire…

Michel Brouand - Painter - Galerie d'art de Francony