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Exhibiition "tous les chats sont gris"- Arteva - Nantes
Exhibiition 0.16 - Galerie Arts pluriels - Nantes
Galerie Arts pluriels - Nantes
Les Arts Papier - Nantes
Group show / Festival Poîesis - Châteaubriant
Group show - Cholet
Group show with Rémy Thoirain and Gabriel Vogel at Bitche - Nantes
Le petit Maroc - St Nazaire
Galerie du rayon vert - Nantes
Galerie Arts pluriels - Nantes
Novart - Villevèque
Actlieu - Nantes
Le petit marché de l’art / Galerie du rayon vert - Nantes
Abbaye de Bouchemaine - Bouchemaine
Galerie Arts pluriels / Expo personnelle - Nantes
Galerie Bessière - Noirmoutier
Point de vue - Nantes
Pannonica/ Expo personnelle - Nantes

La passe

My explanations will prove to be imperfect because they are subject to constraints:

those of codified collective symbols that make it possible to share common mental worlds but do not necessarily reflect the singularity of individual thoughts. I paint my relationship to colour as a territory. Painting, like philosophy, tears me away from the confusion of the world.

Painting allows me to experience the sometimes deeply buried part of an existence with a coded and limited construction, allowing me to escape the symbolization inherited from a restricted education. It allows you to get away from something you understand not to belong to you. To paint is to resist.
A kind of catharsis (concept used by psychoanalysis) to designate the recall of repressed ideas to consciousness. It is in a way the transformation of emotion into thought and then into image. It becomes a chain of signifiers, acting through the retina, through body resonance. Painting is therefore the effect of the ever-present impact of thought on living things. It conveys the symptom.
To use G. Deleuze's explanation, the painter gives consistency to percepts, a set of perceptions and sensations that survive the one who experiences them. Nietzsche said "a thought is always the autobiographical confession of its author" In the same way, I would say that the painter's images come from experience, from sight, from feeling and communicate with the viewer. Sometimes these images seduce, provoking epidermal reactions, sometimes on the contrary, they also revolt or question more simply. But they are the place of confrontations, of an encounter, of a reading even if it requires an effort on the part of the beholder, at the risk of turning away from it definitively.

Painting, by altering the real, must provoke something, sometimes even physically and provoke a stop, curiosity, sensations of any kind, multiple questions, thought in all cases. It is for anyone who wants to see, attracted by a certain curiosity. To the one who wants to let go taken the time of a glance, and practicing to get out of his codes and references, will find there a fullness, an awakening of the senses, introspective events...

To create is to propose something, it could be a militant act.
I expect my painting to be sincere and to bring me to life.
When I paint, I look for a language. The image is slowly imposed after a gestural, mental "performance", of chromatic arrangements, lines, staging of lines, delimitations in the canvas space that becomes a territory.
I like this notion of territory.
Colour is a territory, it is not artifice, it is presence.
My job is to give it existence.