Serge Gomez
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Serge Gomez is a lover of light and colour, which he applies in small, lively strokes to suggest shapes and capture the moment. It is with acrylic transparencies that his characters come out of the shadows and his landscapes catch the light. Reinforced by a predilection for small formats on wood, her works are extremely delicate and of great beauty.

Serge Gomez is a master of “chiaroscuro”, the treatment of light and shadow. Landscapes, still lifes and figures come to life under his deftly applied brushwork. This Provencal artist brings unusual luminescence, depth and color to his wonderful paintings.

Independent and endowed with a strong personality, Serge Gomez, is an artist already widely confirmed, whose works have been presented at numerous international exhibitions. The quality of his paintings and the accuracy of his touch are particularly appreciated by collectors...

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