Exhibition // Gauguin - L'Alchimiste // Grand Palais // 11 Oct - 22 Jan. 2018

Exhibition // Gauguin - L'Alchimiste // Grand Palais // 11 Oct - 22 Jan. 2018

. from 11 oct.  to 22 jan. 2018

Gauguin L'Alchimiste

Grand Palais, Galeries nationales
3, avenue du Général Eisenhower
75008 Paris

. www.grandpalais.fr

On the strength of a collection of over 200 of the artist's works , Gauguin the alchemist is an exceptional journey into this major artist’s fascinating creative process.

It is the first exhibition of its kind to study in depth the remarkable complementarity of the artist’s creations in the field of painting, sculpture, graphic and decorative arts. It focuses on the modernity of Gauguin’s creative process (1848-1903), and his ability to constantly push the limits of each medium.

"Gauguin the alchemist" aims to explore Gauguin's capacity to transform materials through his unrestrained and experimental approach to his disciplines. Although his work as a painter is well known, his other productions (ceramics, woodwork, engravings) have been seen less frequently and often been underappreciated. What Camille Pissaro described as his "bibelotage" reveals an important aspect of Gauguin's creative process: through the manipulation, alteration and association of materials and by accident, this self-taught artist travelled into uncharted territory. In 1889, he expressed in a letter to Émile Bernard his "terrible longing for the unknown that drives me to madness". His desire to explore the unknown is one of the directing attributes of his art and his life. Tirelessly searching for the place where his art could flourish and where he could find his identity, he became interested in non-western society and primitive art. As he shifted his places of residence (Brittany, Martinique, Arles, Tahiti, the Marquesas Islands), Gauguin pursued his quest for his savage and barbaric identity.

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San Francisco # Road - Daniel Castan - Galerie de Francony

San Francisco # Road
100 x 100 cm - 3000 euros
San Francisco # Morning - Daniel Castan - Galerie de Francony

San Francisco # Morning
120 x 120 cm - 4000 euros
Blue San Francisco - 2017 - Daniel Castan - Galerie de Francony

Blue San Francisco
80 x 80 cm - 2200 euros

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