Axel Pahlavi - Veux-tu ? (Théorème) - 18 Oct. 18 / Nov. 28, 2019

Galerie Eva Hober
156 boulevard Haussmann
75008 Paris

. www.evahober.com

Axel's current exhibition is dedicated to the Triptych and the Trinity. Seeking unity in the polysemy, it can be given as a kind of altarpiece, a polyptych that Axel has never stopped painting. Here "Again", a Resurrection. There the "Triptych of Creation". Here again the "Predelles" drawings.

All the times of his work seem to be contained in it, simultaneously embodied in the body of the new paintings: the old works that return, the correspondences between the images, those above and below that fade or transform, the symbols that never cease to move, the cohabitation of the modern and the classical, the archetype in the transient, the immobility in movement (with this formal project that Axel experiments this time: try to immobilize in the movement and inhabit the moment when meaning is not yet established by approaching the painting in a modern, fragmented, remixed, glued way, but by maintaining the duration in doing so, the very duration that would be necessary for the artist to paint a "classical" painting). Once again, you will cross spaces and grasp forms that will echo the "masters" that the artist has looked at so much, from Dürer to Grünewald, from Picasso cubist to Francis Bacon. Once again, you will plunge into the interiority: a return to the inside and the organic suggested here by analogy (like these blades of grass in "A nouveau", where the artist had fun losing himself in the density of matter, for days, and which become like the inside of a body). Once again, you will meet Axel's relatives, his father, his children, his wife, but also the survival of Saint-Jérôme, Christ, the angels of Melancholia, the knight and death, Marie-Madeleine, Sainte Thérèse, Harlequin and all that they bring with them from symbolic spaces and concrete realities, here doubt, death, violence, there self-knowledge, the relationship of tenderness and love, ecstasy and abandon.