Chuck Close : Red Yellow Blue - Pace Gallery

Chuck Close : Red Yellow Blue - Pace Gallery

.From Sept. 11 to Oct. 17 2015

Pace Gallery
534 West 25th Street
New York NY 10001


Red Yellow Blue

New York—Pace is pleased to announce Chuck Close: Red Yellow Blue an exhibition of new oil paintings on view at 534 West 25th Street from September 11 to October 17, 2015. A new catalogue with an essay by Nancy Princenthal will accompany the exhibition.

In his most recent work, Close continues his investigation of the grid as an organizational device, exploring minimal information processing in portraiture. Close abandons the expressionistic brushstrokes that have characterized his paintings since the 1990s. Rather, he applies multiple thin washes of paint in each cell of the grid, layering red, yellow and blue until they accumulate into extravagant full-color images.

The earliest works in the exhibition—portraits of Cecily Brown and Cindy Sherman—reveal the beginnings of this process, leaving the painting’s development visible.

Although the works represent a new direction for Close, they are also a revival and reconsideration of processes he first used in the 1970s when he first restricted his palette to three colors, coaxing different saturations of paint and hue into photorealist portraits.

When viewed up close, the portrayed subjects disintegrate into grids of color evocative of Paul Klee’s Magic Square paintings. These works attest to a heightened interest in the effects of color and suggest a new way of challenging the processes through which his portraits are constructed. It allows him to create distinct works from the same image through different saturations and juxtapositions of hue. .....

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