.Made in L.A. 2018 - June 03 - Sept. 02, 2018

Hammer Museum
10899 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024, USA


Made in L.A. 2018 is the latest iteration of the Hammer’s acclaimed biennial exhibition, showcasing artists from the greater Los Angeles area. 

The exhibition’s 32 artists range in age from 29 to 97 and have contributed works that are deeply engaged with vital aspects of our contemporary culture. While there is no overarching theme, many of the artists share common interests. Several grapple with issues of representation, marginalization, and pressures placed on the body. Some artists offer interpretations of cultural practices, proposing how ancient forms of knowledge may be reimagined in the present, or reflect on the current political climate. Others consider the landscape, climate change and its repercussions, and the relationship between the land, capitalist expansion, and violence. Through drawings, paintings, sculpture, textiles, performance, video, photography, and installations—many newly commissioned expressly for Made in L.A. 2018—these artists exemplify the diverse and creative landscape of Los Angeles today.

Funded through the generosity of Los Angeles philanthropists and art collectors Jarl and Pamela Mohn, three awards totaling $150,000 will be given to artists in the exhibition.

Made in L.A. 2018 is organized by Anne Ellegood, senior curator, and Erin Christovale, assistant curator, with MacKenzie Stevens, curatorial associate. Performances are coordinated by Vanessa Arizmendi, curatorial assistant.


Carmen Argote (b. 1981, Guadalajara, Mexico)
James Benning (b. 1942, Milwaukee, WI)
Diedrick Brackens (b. 1989, Mexia, TX)
Carolina Caycedo (b. 1978, London, U.K.)
Neha Choksi (b. 1973, Belleville, N.J.)
Beatriz Cortez (b. 1970, San Salvador, El Salvador)
Mercedes Dorame (b. 1981, Los Angeles, CA)
Celeste Dupuy-Spencer (b. 1979, New York, N.Y.)
Aaron Fowler (b. 1988, St. Louis, MO)
Nikita Gale (b. 1983, Anchorage, AK)
Jade Gordon (b. 1975, Santa Rosa, CA) and
Megan Whitmarsh (b. 1972, Cambridge, MA)
Lauren Halsey (b. 1987, Los Angeles, CA)
EJ Hill (b. 1985, Los Angeles, CA)
Naotaka Hiro (b. 1972, Osaka, Japan)
John Houck (b. 1977, Pine Ridge, S.D.)
Luchita Hurtado (b. 1920, Caracas, Venezuela)
Gelare Khoshgozaran (b. 1986, Tehran, Iran)
Candice Lin (b. 1979, Concord, MA)
Charles Long (b. 1958, Long Branch, N.J.)
Nancy Lupo (b. 1983, Flagstaff, AZ)
Daniel Joseph Martinez (b. 1957, Los Angeles, CA)
MPA (b. 1980, Redding, CA)
Alison O’Daniel (b. 1979, Miami, FL)
Eamon Ore-Giron (b. 1973, Tuscon, AZ)
taisha paggett (b. 1976, Fresno, CA)
Christina Quarles (b. 1985, Chicago, IL)
Michael Queenland (b. 1970, Pasadena, CA)
Patrick Staff (b. 1987, Bognor Regis, UK)
Linda Stark (b. 1956, San Diego, CA)
Flora Wiegmann (b. 1976, Lincoln, NE)
Suné Woods (b. 1975, Montréal, Canada)
Rosha Yaghmai (b. 1979, Santa Monica, CA)

Funded through the generosity of Los Angeles philanthropists and art collectors Jarl and Pamela Mohn, the Mohn Award ($100,000) and the Career Achievement Award ($25,000) will be selected by a professional jury, and the Public Recognition Award ($25,000) will be determined through a public vote. All the artists in the exhibition are eligible to receive the awards. In 2016 dancer Adam Linder, who choreographed and performed Kein Paradiso, received the Mohn Award; Wadado Leo Smith received the Career Achievement Award; and Kenzi Shiokava received the Public Recognition Award. In 2014 Alice Könitz received the Mohn Award, and Meleko Mokgosi received it in 2012.