Lisa Hoke : Attention Shoppers // PAVEL ZOUBOK GALLERY - NEW YORK

Lisa Hoke : Attention Shoppers // PAVEL ZOUBOK GALLERY - NEW YORK

.Until July 25th 2015 ( LAST DAY )

Pavel Zoubok Gallery
531 West 26th Street
New York

Pavel Zoubok Gallery invites you to a solo exhibition of new sculptural work by LISA HOKE whose mixed-media constructions engage with corporate marketing strategies to explore our endless forms of consumption.

In her exhibition Attention Shoppers, LISA HOKE invites the eye to a smorgasbord of color and form sourced from the printed packaging that contains and advertises processed foods. Hoke's decades-long exploration of domestic industrial materials, grouped in pulsing chromatic spectrums, now moves fluidly between high relief to freestanding sculpture and from monumental to intimate scale. The decidedly primary and high-keyed color palate provided to the artist by every aisle of every market in the country is a consequence of marketing studies designed to manipulate individual tastes and habits of consumption. Hoke's exuberant compositions subvert this corporate maneuvering with signature tactics, challenging marketing preconceptions through the processes of Modernist abstraction and Postmodernist appropriation. In her essay for the accompanying full-color catalog, Nancy Princenthal illustrates the compulsive habits of visual culture and the ongoing interplay between art and commerce:

'Attention Shoppers,' Hoke's title for this exhibition, puts us on notice: our hunger is being stoked, managed, exploited - and satisfied, but only in a way that makes us want more. She does not conceal the trade names and slogans printed on her materials, and they form a kind of telegraphic ode to indulgence: Sugar Babies. Cheerios. Coke. We Are Happy To Serve You. They also appeal to our visual taste; as Hoke notes, the designs they feature, by turns elegantly subtle and deafeningly loud, derive from graphic experiments undertaken in the art world, to which she returns them, still flaunting their passage through consumer culture.

Lisa Hoke received a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. She was awarded the Edwin Austin Abbey Fellowship from the National Academy Museum, New York and a Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant. Her work has exhibited nationally notably at the Sarasota Museum of Art, Oklahoma City Museum of Art, New Britain Museum of American Art, MASS MoCA, Aldrich Museum, The Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Cleveland Institute of Art, Corcoran Gallery of Art and The New Museum. Her work is in numerous public and private collations including The Whitney Museum of American Art, Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, and New Orleans Museum of Art, among others. This is her first solo exhibition at Pavel Zoubok Gallery.