Manifesta 11 - Zurich - The European biennial of contemporary art

Manifesta 11 - Zurich - The European biennial of contemporary art

Manifesta 11 - jusqu'au 18 sept. 2016 - Zurich
" What people do for money – some Joint venture "


Manifesta was conceived in the early 1990s as a nomadic, European biennial of contemporary art that responded to the new social, cultural, and political reality that emerged in the aftermath of the Cold War. Following a desire to explore the psychological and geographical territory of Europe and to provide a dynamic platform for cultural exchange throughout the region, it takes place every two years in a different European city. Along with the Venice Biennale and documenta in Kassel, Manifesta is one of the foremost art events in Europe.

Mike Bouchet and Philipp Sigg, The Zurich Load, 2016, © Manifesta 11

... Manifesta 11 deals with professions, vocations and how they stand in relation to contemporary art. It aspires to see art in unexpected contexts and in relation to the work of colleagues from diverse industries. Each new project is the result of an encounter – a Joint Venture – between an international artist and a Zurich citizen who isn't professionally active in contemporary art. To start off, each invited artist was given a list of the over 1,000 professions practiced in the city today, compiled by the Institute of Sociology at the University of Zurich. Each artist chose one, and Manifesta found a corresponding host who practices that profession. The hosts took their artists by the hand, preferably picking them up straight from the airport, then showed them their place of work and the city. The relationships that developed between artist and host differed, but thanks to each host's expertise and connections in the city, the result was always a body of artistic work.

Each Joint Venture manifests itself in three places: an art institution, a place for art; a satellite venue, a place close to the host’s work; and the Pavillon of Reflections, created specifically for Manifesta 11, where each project will be reflected in the form of a film. In addition, for the duration of Manifesta 11, Cabaret Voltaire, the birthplace of Dada, will be transformed into a stage for joint-venture performances and home for the newly founded artists' guild. ...

Pavilion of Reflections, Lake Zurich. © Manifesta 11